Gamma Probe

IMI has designed and created the most sensitive gamma probe on the market. Our surgical gamma probe is used for sentinel lymph node detection, sentinel lymph node biopsy, radioguided parathyroidectomy, and radioactive deed localization. You’ll find additional information on our website. Feel free to call our office.

Gamma Probe Manufacturers

IMI has established a reputation as one of the leading gamma probe manufacturers in the world. If you’re comparing probes to find the best one for your OR, we’re confident you will find our products exceed all others in terms of quality and sensitivity. Call us with any questions you have about our gamma probes.

Gamma Probe System

As you compare products looking for the perfect gamma probe system, keep IMI in mind for innovation and quality. Our gamma probes are the most accurate and sensitive of all products sold today, making them the first choice for OR doctors. Read doctor reviews on our website to discover the difference our products make.

Neoprobe Sentinel Node Biopsy

It’s easier than ever to perform a neoprene sentinel node biopsy using the gamma probe made by IMI. Detect node cancer and perform a simple biopsy using what doctors call the best of its kind gamma probe available today. For your convenience, our probes feature H2O2 sterilization, saving your staff time.

Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping

For sentinel lymph node mapping, no game probe is more sensitive or accurate than IMI surgical gamma probes. All of our units are H2O2 sterilizable, making them ultra-convenient for your busy operating room. Browse free resources on our website or reach out to one of our product specialists for more information.

C Track Gamma Probe

Check out the newest C Track Gamma Probe from Intramedical Imaging when you're looking for a highly sensitive imaging probe with innovative features. Our touch screen gamma probes are easily sterilizable using H202 and designed for your busy operating room. View all of our equipment options online.

Gamma Detection System

Using our state of the art gamma detection system from Intramedical Imaging, you'll be able to provide the highest level of medical care to patients in your OR. Start a free trial to make the most of our equipment or reach out to someone from IMI who can answer your questions about our highly sensitive gamma probes.

Gamma Probe Breast Cancer

When you want the newest gamma probe for breast cancer, consider IMI for highly sensitive probes. Touch screen features from our gamma probes provide up to the second intel and give you a clear view of the area you're looking at. View custom tips available for the Node Seeker 2000 while you're on our website.

Gamma Probe For Sentinel Node Biopsy

Take a closer look at the newest gamma probe for sentinel node biopsy on the market from IMI. Innovative, smart technology is what separates our equipment from others being sold today. Sign up for a free trial to test out our equipment or get in touch with our team for more information about gamma probes.

Intraoperative Gamma Probe

Are you looking for a better intraoperative gamma probe? Our equipment from IMI is smartly designed to deliver ultra-sensitivity during each procedure. Feel free to request a free trial as our way of saying thank-you for checking into the benefits of using our gamma probe equipment. Reach us by phone with your questions.

Navigator Gamma Probe

Check with IMI before buying your next navigator gamma probe. You'll find our newest technology will enable you to give your patients exceptional care as well as peace of mind. Perform a side-by-side comparison of our newest gamma probe with others on the market and see why our product is superior to others.

Node Mapping

Nope mapping takes less time with equipment from Intramedical Imaging. Our newest Node Seeker 2000 is the highest sensitivity probe available today, with custom tips available  as added options. Read helpful articles about IMI equipment or get in touch with someone from IMI today who can help you get signed up for a free trial.

Node Seeker

What is the Node Seeker 2000 and why do you need it in your operating room? Our newest release Node Seeker comes with a 9 hour battery life, universal controls, a touch screen tablet, and custom tips; what more could you ask for when investing in a gamma probe? Take a closer look at the NS2000 today.

Probe Manufacturers

Intramedical Imaging has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative probe manufacturers of the day. If you're in the market for a gamma probe with smart technology built into every square inch, we invite you to check out the Node Seeker 2000 with 9 hour battery life and custom tips. Request a free trial to test out our equipment.

Radioactive Seed Localization

Contact IMI regarding equipment for radioactive seed localization. Read about our gamma probes and custom tips that are highly sensitive and able to be sterilized using H202. You'll find helpful and informative articles on our website as well as FAQs to address all of your questions about IMI equipment.

Radioguided Parathyroidectomy

Invest in the best equipment on the market for radio guided parathyroidectomy procedures from Intramedical Imaging. Our surgical gamma probes are smartly designed and easy to use, with touch screen capability and universal controls. Find out more about our technology when you explore the resources on our site.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Gamma Probe

Are you in the market for a sentinel lymph node biopsy gamma probe that is easy to use and highly sensitive? Look no further than the Node Seeker 2000 from Intramedical Imaging; you'll find complete specs on our equipment online, including information on how you can request a free trial and demo.

Sentinel Node Location

Sentinel node location is simple with the right equipment from Intramedical Imaging. Our newest release, the Node Seeker 2000, has a 9 hour battery life, touch screen tablet, and custom tips to make locating nodes a simple task instead of a chore. Start a free trial with IMI to test out the Node Seeker 2000.

Sentinel Node Mapping

The Node Seeker 2000 from IMI makes sentinel node mapping simple. Compare the NS2000 with other surgical gamma probes on the market to see the value of our innovative technology and try the NS2000 for yourself when you sign up for a free demo and trial. Reach our team from IMI at 844-426-6277 with any questions.

Tumor Localization
The Node Seeker 2000 makes tumor localization simple, with a highly sensitive probe and touch screen capability, you'll find the NS2000 is the easiest to use surgical gamma probe on the market today. Feel free to contact IMI to ask about a free demo and trial that will give you more insight into our technology.