C Trak Gramma Probe is a peroperative gamma photon detection probe used in nuclear medicine or by oncological surgeons in the framework of the sentinel lymph node technique. Our high-tech probe provides the best performance/price ratio. 

General description of the device

It belongs to class IIa medical devices. The probe is certified in many parts of the world: CE (Europe), FDA (USA), INVIMA (Colombia), Health Canada... Gamma-SUP is the result of a scientific study to optimize the detection of tissues marked with radioisotopes emitting gamma radiation.

Thanks to its optimal performance, it is very effective for the precise localization of sources emitting gamma radiation and then the excision of tissues labeled with a radioactive tracer.

Another feature to be taken into account in the design phase of a probe is ergonomic since, during surgery, it is important to have light, easily transportable devices with an audible signal and analogical strength of the detected activity.

The device detects several isotopes: technetium 99, 18F, iodine 131, iodine 125, indium 111, 68Ga.... Thanks to this, it is used for various oncology techniques and applications: senology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, maxillofacial, endocrinology, FDG - cancer recurrence, ROLL, SEED.

Device functions

The device offers several features and functions that will allow you to perform minimal surgery in an effective, simple and fast way. For example:

- Possibility to choose between sensitivity and spatial resolution 

- Adaptation of the parameters to your personal use (ranges, sounds, isotopes=, etc.). 

- Threshold function to reduce background activity 

- Thinnest diameter on the market and integrated collimator to avoid collimator loss and maximize probe hygiene. 

- Remote diagnostics and calibration 

- Display of results on a complete, fast and simple digital display.

- All purchases can be completed with one day of training in the sentinel lymph node technique in the operating room.

- Detecting probe for radio-guided surgery on tumors

- Gamma probe for breast cancer

Technical aspect - Principles of operation

When the radioelements reach a more stable energy level, the excess energy can be materialized in the form of gamma radiation.

The detector selects and transforms the photons into electrical impulses thanks to the scintillating crystal and a photomultiplier. These signals are sent to the control box for analysis. The detected activity is announced in numerical form and displayed by a bargraph. The activity is also used to modulate in intensity and frequency the sound signal emitted by the control box. An original sound signal, modulated by the detected activity, allows the surgeon, by modifying the orientation of the probe, to quickly locate the most radioactive zone.


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