Gamma Probe Manufacturers

Gamma probe manufacturers continue to offer exciting advancements for radioguided surgery, lymph node mapping, and tumor detection. Intramedical Imaging offers sterile, intuitive, and cutting-edge devices such as the Node Seeker 2000 that bring the power of handheld gamma ray cameras in a mobile package.

Devices for Radioguided Surgery

The use of an interstitial injection allows surgeons to find systems that are invisible or buried to the naked eye. Lymph node biopsies and the isolation of potential tumors require a gamma ray device to work.

Intramedical Imaging started in 1998 with the goal of targeting lymph nodes and other microscopic tissues with ease. Our commitment to innovation allows us to produce high energy and standard probes with two times the sensitivity of competitors.

Equipment for Detection and Isolation

Detection and isolation should not be a complicated process. Juggling multiple devices creates the potential for error. Constantly working with knobs and buttons takes attention off the patient for crucial seconds.

Intramedical Imaging’s digital interface eliminates confusion by placing controls in an intuitive user interface. Our hand-held gamma probes contain are easily controlled without 40 training sessions.

Variety of Options

A variety of options allows technicians to work with a single known system. Radioactive agents work for many procedures.

Among the products that work with our software are:

  • Probes for sentinel lymph node biopsy

  • Probes for Radioguided Parathyroidectomy

  • Proves for tumor localization

  • Probes for biopsy and mapping in cervical, prostrate, and gastric cancer

Use the same interface and software to work with a variety of procedures. There is no need to purchase extra equipment

Improving Medical Technology

Simplification is inevitable. As technology improves, the complication of using devices will dissipate. Intramedical Imaging remains committed to the cutting-edge of medical device production.

User-friendly touch screens and high sensitivity are just part of our strategy. We allow for count aggregation, provide 9 hours of battery life, and release improvements ahead of the market.

Committed to Research

Medical research forms the bedrock for improvements by medical device manufacturers. Backing devices with proof is the only way that surgeons and specialists know that a device is ready for use.

Intramedical Imaging engineers products based on extensive studies and is willing to put the proof on our website. We strive to back our claims with more than statistics.

Quality Medical Device Manufacturers

There were 80,000 deaths due to medical devices between 2008 and 2018. Unclean and poorly manufactured equipment is not just dangerous but deadly.

This led the European Union to establish strict guidelines that Intramedical Imaging exceeds. Certifications by Sterris and Sterrad show our commitment to using the highest quality stainless steel and manufacturing processes.

Where can I find quality medical probes?

Intramedical Imaging strives to be among the best gamma probe manufacturers. Our commitment to simplification, sensitivity, and cleanliness make our probes a top choice for surgeons. Perform mappings, extraction, and biopsies without introducing error.

The Node Seeker 2000 is available for a variety of situations. Get in touch with us today for a free quote toll-free at 1 (844) 426-6277.