IntraMedical Imaging

For Investigational Use Only 

Marginator Positron CameraIMI is developing the Marginator Beta Camera (Positron Camera) to improve cancer surgery by evaluating surgical margins for remaining amounts of cancer tissue after tumor excision.

The first application will be for breast cancer. An unmet need exists because:
- 30-40% of lumpectomies fail to achieve negative margins
- Of breast tumors that recur, 70% recur at primary tumor site.

“Marginator” Beta (Positron) Camera Features:

Produces color image
2 mm resolution
Able to detect 4 mg of cancer
1 minute acquisition time
15 mm FOV

Image of 1 mm diameter source of F18 on surface of camera. Spatial resolution = 2 mm

This graph shows a sensitivity of 13,000 cps/µCi for F18 on contact (0.37 cps/Bq)