The Narrow Tip Probe

  • 6 mm Tip
  • Built-In Collimator
  • 6 cm Shaft

The unique background subtraction method employed in Node Seeker control unit enables the surgeon to discriminate between parathyroid and other tissues with lower radioactive uptake. The Narrow-Tip Gamma Probe, at 6.5 mm diameter, is ideal for parathyroid surgeries, where a smaller incision is preferable.

Parathyroid adenomas absorb the radiopharmaceutical Tc-99m SemstiMIBI. It retains the radioactivity, with higher concentration with respect to the thyroid tissue, between 1 to 3 hours after its IV injection. This time window allows the imaging of parathyroid with gamma camera, and the use of gamma probe during surgery. Nuclear medicine image acquired after i.v. injection of Tc-99m labeled MIBI