Compare the Node Seeker Gamma Probe from Intramedical Imaging with the Navigator Gamma Probe to see why our product is the best product of its kind sold today. The Node Seeker has the highest published sensitivity and resolution of any gamma probe on the market, making it an excellent choice for your operating room. Watch a side-by-side comparison of the Node Seeker with similar gamma probes to gain a sense of our product’s quality and efficiency. For sentinel lymph node detection, nothing is better than the Node Seeker.

3 Reasons To Request A Node Seeler Gamma Probe Free Trial

1. Try our gamma detection probe for free- we’re confident that once you get our product in your hands, you’ll never want to use the Navigator Gamma Probe or any other similar product again. For Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Radioguided Parathyroidectomy, and Radioactive Seed Localization, nothing is easier to use. IMI’s new tablet features cater to the surgeon’s demands, saving counts in real time and even viewing battery life of both the probe and the control unit.

2. Does your current gamma probe come with an easy-to-use touch screen? Our radioguided surgical probe’s user-friendly screen control tablet makes everyone in the OR comfortable using the Node Seeker as a sentinel lymph node mapping system. Compared with the top three products currently on the market, our gamma probe has the highest sentisivity- twice that of the Neoprobe.

3. When shopping for a detecting probe for radio-guided surgery on tumers, it makes perfect sense to invest in the very best equipment money can buy. Intramedical Imaging’s devices are designed for busy Operating Rooms. Our company develops, manufactures, and markets a series of molecular imaging instruments to detect cancer during surgery. The Node Seeker is the best gamma probe for breast cancer detection that you’ll find available today.


Superior To The Navigator Gamma Probe

If you’ve found an instrument that’s better than the one you’re currently using, you have a duty to your patients to invest in the superior technology to ensure you are offering your patients access to the best quality of care. We invite you to watch an online video on our website explainging the differences and nuances offered by the Node Seeker. We’re certain that once you’ve seen with your own eyes how our product can make your job easier and give your patients exceptional care, you’ll want to use the Node Seeker in your OR.

Get In Touch! Use our Web chat to send us a message and we’ll get back with you shortly. If you prefer, use our Web form or call 844-426-6277 to touch base with an IMI instrument expert. You naturally have many questions about the Node Seeker- we’re happy to answer them and direct you to additional resources related to our product. All IMI products online, including custom tips for tumor localization and biopsy. Take a moment or two to read about unique features of the Node Seeker and compare them with those of the Navigator Gamma Probe.