The sentinel node concept is widely applied for staging of breast cancer and melanoma patients. In addition it has been demonstrated to have potential in colorectal, GI, lung, and head & neck cancer or any other type of cancer that has the potential to spread via lymphatic system.The radio-pharmaceutical Technetium, along with blue dye, is injected near the tumor and flows to the local lymph nodes. Surgeons use the gamma probe to identify the first lymph node(s) to drain the tumor, the “sentinel lymph node.”

This node is excised and sent to Pathology, where it is analyzed for the presence of metastasis from the tumor.

The Node Seeker System offers the following advanced features for sentinel lymph node biopsy:

  • Large, Easy-to-read, Color Display
  • IV Pole-mountable for convenience
  • On-board Quality Control Check for regulatory requirements
  • Superior probe sensitivity and spatial resolution IntraMedical’s control unit, called Node Seeker, makes lymphatic mapping a simple and accurate procedure

Highest sensitivity of probe (Zamburlini, et al) makes the smallest lymph node easily detectable.
Superior shielding and collimation makes detection of lymph nodes possible even in proximity of the site of injection