Increasing incidents of cancer led to the significant production of gamma probe devices. The World Cancer Research Fund International states that breast cancer is on the rise worldwide and tends to be the number one type of cancer in female victims.

Technology evolution is another reason behind the growth of gamma probes because it works a lot better and produces better results than traditional scanning tools. Observers anticipate that gamma probes will increase as time goes on and science continues to invent better ways of improving their functionality.

Everything You Should Know About Gamma Probes

The United States is the leading market that buys gamma probe devices because it has many cancer cases. Europe is second in line behind countries that use gamma probes, while Asia is close behind it. The increasing use of nuclear energy means a lot more countries will kick up their importation of gamma probes to combat the health risks that come from the radiation.


What Gamma Probes Do

Used In Surgical Operations

These instruments detect radiation in the body during a surgical operation. Surgeons use them to locate tumors, glands, tissues, and nodes they would not find by making superficial incisions. The proper use of these devices allows for faster and more effective operations because the medical team will spend less time locating objects of interest. In addition, using them helps to reduce excess invasion of tissues and minimize the amount of damage caused when looking to retrieve harmful growths.


Eliminate Confusion In Surgery

Detecting and isolating tumors is a complicated process when dealing with a couple of different devices. We have a hand-held device that simplifies the entire process and needs little training to learn how to use controls and take attention away from the technicality.

Intra Medical Imaging has modern tools with a user-friendly touch screen, a high sensitivity of tools, and a function that allows sterilization when using Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it. Several research studies show that the gamma probes in the market rarely have the same sensitivity as ours. Our brand will be two times more effective than generic options, which means buying it will make the process a lot easier and allow you to make crucial decisions with minimal effort.

Reasons To Use Our Gamma Probes For Tumor Localization

An Array Of Options

We have more than a couple of gamma probes with multiple abilities for the surgical operation. These systems provide different benefits to the surgical process, so you can have a better result when using them for specific functions.

We Are Committed To Improvements

Our research team is committed to putting out cutting-edge technology into the market. Intramedical Imaging focuses on producing technology that can detect the smallest amount of tissue molecules and produce efficient results with speed and accuracy.

Our firm started operating in 1998 and has slowly grown to build a reputation for innovation in the medical industry. Check out our store for more information on all the available technologies and contact us if you need further clarifications.