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Comparison of Sentinel Gamma Probes for

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection is a widely accepted technique used during surgery for the purpose of staging breast, melanoma, and other cancers. The stage of the cancer, whether it has metastasized to the lymph nodes, is an important prognostic indicator that determines the course of therapy.

The injection of a radio-pharmaceutical near the tumor results in its accumulation in the local lymph nodes. Surgeons use our gamma probe to identify those specific lymph nodes that are first to drain the tumor. These “sentinel” nodes are excised by the surgeon and analyzed by the pathologist for the presence of cancer

Lap Gamma Probe.png


IntraMedical Imaging’s exclusive PET Probes are based on the power of PET imaging (positron emission tomography). If tumors retain an injected radio-pharmaceutical called FDG, they may appear as “hot spots” on a whole-body PET scan. Our PET Probes assist surgeons in localizing these tumors for excision as well as in evaluating surgical margins for the presence of small amounts of tumor.

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IntraMedical Imaging has developed a special gamma probe that is ideal for smaller incisions, such as in the neck region. Surgeons use our gamma probe to localize and remove parathyroid adenomas that cause hyperparathyroidism.

PET Probe Tumor detection FDG
Intra-Operative use of PET probe for loc
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