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  • Is the probe pre-calibrated? 

    • Yes! All IMI probes are pre-calibrated for the intended use. 

  • How do I clean the probe between cases? 

    • After careful removal and disposing of the sterile jacket, we recommend using a Sani-wipe or sanitary wipe equivalent around the exterior of the probe. 

  • How do I sterilize the probe? 

  • Can the control unit connect to different types of probes? 

    • Yes! The Node Seeker 2000 universal control unit has the ability to switch between any IMI probes with the red “change probe” button on the left. Please note one probe can be connected to the control unit at a time. Learn more with the Operator's Manual.

  • Why should we use IMI's Node Seeker gamma probe over other gamma probes?

    • The Node Seeker 2000 has the highest published sensitivity on the market.

      • This is because an IMI probe is built using solid-state photomultipliers and LYSO for their detection apparatus, akin to PET scanners, which are naturally more sensitive to gamma rays. Feel free to click on the table below for the full Zamburlini, et al article. 

Sensitivity and Resolution flowchart .png
ZamburliniComparisonTable No highlights.png
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