Gamma Probe

Detecting lymph nodes is critical for many procedures. Gamma probes help map this system using an interstitial injection of a radionuclide. Locating a sentinel lymph node allows doctors to track cancers and swelling.

Rise of Gamma Probing

Spotting tumors used to be a difficult process.  The advent of sentinel node mapping for staging melanoma and breast cancer.

The principals behind gamma probing help with more than the detection of lymph nodes. Gamma probing helps with radioactive seed localization, radio guided parathyroidectomy, and tumor localization.

What is a gamma probe?

Gamma probes work in conjunction with an agent to help understand and map the lymph system. These probes track the levels of radiation within a patient once the interstitial injection is complete.

A scintillation counter relies on the excitation effect to allow technicians to find nodes. The hottest node is the sentinel node. The Node Seeker 2000 uses a high sensitivity probe to supply information to a touch screen with counts and other relevant information.

Programmable Gamma Probe

Probes deal with minute quantities. Being able to set alarms, aggregate data, and remove background noise is vital to using gamma probes.

The Node Seeker 2000 gives technicians the ability to fine-tune the process of discovery. The probe offers a large variety of settings to help find sentinel nodes, tumors, and more.

Touch Screen Gamma Probe

A simple hands-free interface is key to accurate diagnoses. Examining counts and controlling the device through a touch screen when using hand-held gamma probes helps avoid mistakes.

Avoid juggling the device patient, and software during radio guided surgery. Medical procedures are intricate. Your device should not add to the stress.

Cleaning a Gamma Probe

The probe must be placed directly on the skin. Cleaning is necessary, especially when performing a lymph node biopsy. The Intramedical Imaging probe is H202 sterilizable.

We pride ourselves in certification from Sterrad and Sterris, allowing you to avoid the costs associated with single use gamma probe systems. Sterilizing the Node Seeker 2000 eliminates the bacteria that should never be transmitted between patients.

Probes Approved for the EU

The European Union found that there were 83000 deaths and 1.7 million injuries resulting from the use of medical devices on the continent. These findings led to the development of stricter regulations surrounding probes.

Approval is a multistep process. Intramedical Imaging probes exceed the qualifications set under the Regulatory Affairs Management Suite. Sterilization, accuracy, and ease of use are important to us.

Where can I find a quality gamma probe?

Quality gamma probes are easy to clean, intuitive, flexible, and hands-free. Mapping the body using the Node Seeker 2000 gamma probe by Intramedical Imaging gives technicians and specialists the control to find issues accurately.

Intramedical Imaging prides itself in maintaining quality and simplicity. At double the sensitivity of the neo-probe and detection up to 511 keV, our probes are among the best on the market. Get in touch with our team toll free at 1 (844) 426-6277 for more information.