Gamma Probe System

Radioactive agents help specialists find problematic tissues with the help of a probe. A gamma probe system is highly sensitive. Intramedical Imaging offers twice the sensitivity of the neo-probe and an intuitive touch screen that places operators in control of procedures.

How powerful are gamma probes?

Gamma probes use gamma rays to detect anomalies in the body after the use of interstitial agents. Fast localization led to their adoption in surgeries and biopsies.

These devices are well-known for their ability to spot tumors in the lymph system. Probes continue to improve to match the capabilities of gamma-cameras which are bulky but extremely accurate.

Maneuverable Gamma Probes

Maneuvering these instruments properly takes skill. Most probes require 40 training sessions before being considered usable. While cheap, they require a specific technique to use compared to cameras.

The Node Seeker 2000 from Intramedical Imaging is two times more sensitive than the next most sensitive probe on the market. With the elimination of background noise, spotting problematic tissues is simple. The probe detects isotopes withing 20 – 511 KeV.

Accurate Gamma Probes

Accuracy continues to improve over time. Engineering allows probes to discover hot spots with more precision than at any time in the past.

The Node Seeker 2000 switches from aggregate to count mode flawlessly to help technicians explore potentially high concentrations of agent. Increased sensitivity and external gamma-ray blocking offer increased precision.

Intuitive Interface

A hands-free interface is crucial to accuracy during a sentinel lymph node biopsy or radioguided surgery. Juggling the medical device and stress of a medical procedure increase the potential for error.

Intramedical Imaging includes a simple and intuitive touch screen that is easy to read and simple to control. Quickly change settings without the need to read through a manual. Node Seeker 2000 controls resemble those on your phone instead of the voltmeter used to test it.

Flexible Gamma Probe Systems

Most probes work with a limited set of isotopes. This limits the choices doctors have when using a probe.

Node Seeker 2000 detects two different isotopes. Use TC-99m or I-125 as radioactive seeds. These are commonly used isotopes in lymph node and tumor discovery.

Certified Cleanliness

Cleanliness is always important when using a medical device. Being able to reuse devices eliminates the costs associated with single-use gamma probe systems.

The Node Seeker 2000s received Sterrad and Sterris certification. Dip the device in H202 to remove bacteria before using the equipment on the next patient. EU certification shows our commitment to safe and sterile equipment.

Where can I find a gamma probe?

Gamma probes are common devices for the detection of sentinel lymph nodes, biopsies, and the extraction and analysis of tumors. These devices continue to improve to match the power of gamma-ray cameras.

The Node Seeker 2000 is an intuitive and easy to use system capable of diving deeply into the invisible systems of the body. Get in touch with our team today at 1 (844) 426-6277 for a quote for your next-generation probe.