Neoprobe Sentinel Node Biopsy

Sentinel node biopsy is vital to the discovery and tracking of lymph node cancers. The Neoprobe for sentinel biopsy is widely considered among the best. However, Intramedical Imaging’s Node Seeker 2000 promises twice the power with a more intuitive interface.

What are the benefits of a Neoprobe?

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System is one of the easiest to use on the market.  The device promises to track radioactive agents without calibration or preventative maintenance. A one-touch remote count and sterilization help with accuracy.

Gamma ray probes such as the Neoprobe exploded on the scene with the availability of probes. Still, gamma ray cameras remain more powerful and easier to train on.

Node Seeker 2000 v. Neoprobe

Despite its advantages and size, the Neoprobe suffers from setbacks. It takes 40 training sessions to learn the device. Technicians need to learn the complex interface and learn to eliminate inevitable background noise.

Intramedical Imaging’s Node Seeker 2000 improves on the interface while offering more sensitivity and an equally high level of control. The ability to block nearly all background radiation drastically improves usability as well.

Higher Sensitivity

The Node Seeker 2000 is twice as sensitive as the Neoprobe. This allows technicians to receive highly accurate counts with a distinct difference over the sentinel lymph node.

Ten seconds of aggregation allows for even more fine-grained control. Find, extract, and test nodes with ease with an operating range between 50 and 511 KeV for the I-125 and technetium 99 isotopes.

Directed Radiation

Gamma ray elimination means that the Node Seeker 2000 gives a complete and accurate picture. Hover over lymph nodes to quickly hone into areas of interest.

Background noise elimination offers even more power. The simple intuitive filters out any remaining interference.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Just like the Neoprobe gamma detection system, the Node Seeker 2000 is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Work with software instead of mechanical parts for an even more cost-effective device.

The Node Seeker 2000 is certified for use within the European Union and for ease of cleaning by Sterris and Sterrad. Intramedical Imaging offers quality devices with a probe that is H202 sterilizable.

Lower Training Time

Lymphatic mapping is already difficult. The benefits of the Node Seeker 2000 simplify training and eliminate mistakes. The large and intuitive digital interface and probe capabilities make for effective sentinel node detection.

The nearly hands-free operation is perfect for biopsies as well. There is no need to learn to juggle equipment alongside medical procedures.

Is there a more sensitive probe than the Neoprobe for Sentinel Node Biopsy?

Node Seeker 2000 is twice as sensitive as the Neoprobe in a sentinel node biopsy. The Intramedical Imaging device simplifies medical imaging for more accurate and intuitive sentinel node mapping.

The Node Seeker 2000 is designed from the ground up to work with specialists. Get a free quote for this simple, sterile, and cost-effective system by calling us toll-free at 1 (844) 426-6277.