Today there are medical devices for breast cancer that improve the timeliness of diagnosis, facilitate the administration of treatment, reduce complications, allow the patient to recover quickly after medical procedures and improve the quality of life, offering the patient the possibility of high-quality medical care and better results.

In Intramedical Imaging, you will find gamma probe equipment for cancer detection that will be useful for early and accurate diagnosis. We provide devices for disease detection and surgical procedures, such as our electrosurgical equipment. We are located in Hawthorne, California.

Modern devices are highly accurate and allow the identification of the exact site of the tumor in order to provide the health professional with the necessary tools for adequate and timely treatment.

Mammography is one of the best methods for detecting tumors or lesions that are not palpable by physical examination. Other devices, such as breast implants are used to achieve a normal appearance after a mastectomy. Tumor markers are also useful for diagnosing cancer, planning follow-up and determining whether or not treatment is effective. Equip your office or hospital with the latest technology in the service of medical knowledge and human disease from Intramedical Imaging.

Point-of-care testing equipment: Point-of-care testing, or POCT, provides immediate medical results from tests performed on patients. Thus, they favor the diagnosis and initiation of clinical treatment during the first appointment. They are available in many varieties and can be used to study the genetic material of a virus or infectious organism, the characteristics of body fluids that would indicate a case of diabetes or malaria, for example, and some models are equipped with molecular biology technologies.

These are complete devices to respond to the immediate medical needs of all types of patients. Their software is of paramount importance to diagnose with confidence.

Advances in diagnostic equipment are constantly developing, responding to the demanding requirements of the health sector and the challenges of a number of diseases of all specialties.

To diagnose in time and adequately treat a condition that has no symptoms or is in its initial stage, the gamma probe equipment within molecular medicine, are of great help.